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About us

Global Insulator Group is international manufacturer of glass, composite, porcelain insulators and hardware fittings. Quality of production items is based on more than 60 years of experience on the world energy market.

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Product lines
The company's unique experience and modern technologies guarantee the reliability of all manufactured products, as well as form the basis for the development of new technical solutions.

Glass insulators

  • 55+ manufacturing experience
  • 600 mln. pcs. in service around the world
  • AC up to 1150 kV
  • DC up to 800 KV
  • Insulators with composite coating
Composite insulators:
  • Up to 756 kV
  • HTV, LSR technology
  • Up to 4.5 m long in one molding cycle
  • "Bubble free" technology
   Porcelain insulators:
  • No. 1 in Russia and CIS countries
  • Pin up to 35 kV
  • Post up to 765 kV
   Hardware fittings:
  • 55+ manufacturing experience
  • Up to 1150 kV
  • Wide product range
Manufacturing processes:
All GIG production sites are equipped with modern automated equipment and perform 24/7 quality control. The reliability of the production equipment is monitored continuously.
  • 100% control of raw materials and insulators
  • Uniform temperature distribution during burning of porcelain insulators
  • Heat treatment to equalize internal stresses in the production of line fittings
  • All manufactured products are subjected to 50% mechanical stress testing.
All manufactured products correspond to international ANSI, IEC, BS, GOST (Russian) standards. GIG regularly tests glass, porcelain and composite insulators in own or independent laboratories. GIG laboratory may conduct mechanical and high voltage tests (test machine up to 500 kV for AC and 200 kV for DC).
GIG manufacturing plants produce 13 mln pcs glass insulators, 500 000 pcs composite insulators, 7000 tons of porcelain insulators and 4000 tons of hardware fittings annually.